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The Signs Remote is a crucial part of the Signs system, and enables the user to track, record and capture gestures with a smartphone or smartwatch. For each person, their motions may be different from others, which is why its connected to Mini.ai to support in defining the most likely classification and description of that gesture. When we speak of wanting to be ’the google translate for gestures’, it means that the Signs Remote enables the other user to understand your unique bodylanguage.

It also means that it can understand ‘standardized gestural languages’ like PSE, SEE, BSL, ASL and cross translate between these languages. Since there are over 300 signing languages used by varying groups, that can’t understand each others signings, this would enable cross-sign-language in real-time: a universal sign language translator for all. Teaching mini.ai all languages is going to take a lot of love and resources, and we are available for partnerships to speed up this proces.