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To upgrade being us together

Cooperation tools for a neurodiverse society

In 2Tango, we aim to cross-translate needs to bridge the gaps between persons with different minds using an inclusive mindset and the assistive technology of tomorrow.

Our solutions:

  • For working together in a neurodiverse team, we create Signs for Work (read more)
  • For living together in a neurodiverse household, we create Family Signs (read more)
  • For connecting together as friends or partners, we create Divergent Dating (read more)

Who we are

2Tango is a social impact tech-organization (read more) focussed on ‘solving the problem’ in effective communcation. Our first goal is to support 10.000 individuals (or 2500 families) in the Netherlands. Our second goal is to accept responsability and scale up our tools globally at reduced cost. We take part in many research efforts (like Design Your Life program), deliver expertise where needed, build our own tech, and work in unison with the Neurodiversity Foundation in the Athens Initiative, which aims to create the tools to enable a neurodiverse-friendly society. 

2Tango is founded by Tjerk Feitsma & Omotola Bolarin, and is supported by many curious minds, crafty volunteers and clever builders. It’s funded by personal investments, governmental research grants, and aims to establish a businessmodel that supports further development and distribution of our tools, and ongoing quality research by the Athens Initiative partners.   

What we create

We do research to create technology, and with the support of diverse researchers and funding partners, build products that support the societal move towards a more inclusive society.

  • Our communicationsystems are based on Signs(™), and with the technical support of mini.ai, we are building a universal sign language interpreter and translator to support communication between persons of a different neurotypes. 
  • Our clarification&prediction systems are based in Mini.ai (™), that enables AI guided conversational support via a browser sidebar widget, to foster opportunities for working in teams or remote. 
  • Our connectionsystems and events are live-tested and continuously iterated, leading to a meetup app that supports needs-matching with greater clarity. 

How to use it youself

Signs Language: We identify most commonly used signs that are supportive of cooperation, and translate gestural motion to message intents and meanings. On top of this, we support ‘secret’ signs, which are particular and unique to a specific family-unit or a professional team.

Signs Messenger: We create a platform for effective communication between verbal/textual and nonverbal/gestural language. Using this platform, enabled by smartphone and smartwatch app, supporting different ways of creating a message, like the traditional ’typing’, but also ‘signing’, ’tapping’, ‘sentence-swiping’ and basic morse-code.

Signs Assistant: We create a digital assistant that supports the transfer of effective messages. The assistant can ’talk on your behalf, in a tone of voice the suits the other’. It also suggests options for succesful continuation of the conversation.

What you can do:

  • Join our online testing program: all products are tested and improved. If you want to try out and give us feedback, please sign up by mailing to tryout@2tango.org
  • Do research for us or with us: there are options for dutch and international interns, students, graduates and likeminded wanting to contribute with insights and knowlegde, mail us at research@2tango.org
  • Build with us: we ‘open source’ a lot of our tech, to make it easier for others to join us in our journey. If data or code is your friend, there might be a place for you in our family, mail us at develop@2tango.org
  • Write about us: journalists and bloggers wanting to write about topics like the rise of 2Tango, Athens Initiative, Signs, Mini.ai, Neurodiversity Pride Day can send a email to press@2tango.org.
  • Suggest us: In our journey we discovered many wonderful organizations and individuals we share values, drive or dreams with. If you are one, or know one, please introduce us and mail to partners@2tango.org
  • Support funding: Simply put: if we can develop faster, we can support our users sooner rather than later. Invite us for a talk, if you have opportunities in mind, email us at: info@2tango.org