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To upgrade being us together

2Tango is innovating on the ways how to connect people to each other, in the way that works for them both, to be ‘together’ in the way you want to be. We started with connecting via ‘dating’, build prototypes, tested, and it worked very well. The systems are designed with 7 ideas in mind, that reduce the awkwardness and stresslevel experienced by most and replace it with a sense of self-worth, calm, self-determination, choice, and safety. In our many testings, the ‘mutual needs-matching’ got to be a central core of our reasoning.

When the dating-option worked well, we started looking at using these concepts for activities you can do with a (new) friend, with a group, and with a subset of complete strangers. Our developer Wybe has been working for years on the program, and the Meewerken in Eemland tech-group of bright neurodivergents is rebuilding a new iteration for their own purpose. We are aiming for this technology to serve the Neurodivergent community, to connect more with other like and unlike them.