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To upgrade being us together

Mini.ai is our own selfdeveloped AI, build to make the world a better place, by helping people connect in the way they are able to communicate effectively and clearly. ‘Her’ capacities grow over time, and features and new functionalities are added often. Because, yes: We do speak of this technology as if its a little sister, willing to support you digitally with the problems we face daily when communicating.

Therefore, Mini.ai is also based on the ‘Lil Sister’ philosophy, which is: build only for the user, implement it by technical choices. We chose this approach, for we grew up with Google, that exchanged its “don’t be evil” startup claim for bigger profits as we matured. Which made us consider how we could keep all our users ‘safe and private, even if we’d become as big as Google’ by redesigning our GDPR proof tech in a way that the user keeps the personal data, not the company hosting the tools to solve problems. Privacy matters.