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To upgrade being us together

Copy writing – second draft



OB: 1 – introduces you, very briefly
2 – explain what you’ve been doing, [specifically with mapping the most commonly used word phrases]
3 – describes why you believe, finding the most common word pairs of phrases, will help people understand each other better.
That was part one, it’s for you to get your personal “why”, out of the way.Next you will introduce the situation for others.
1 – take one of the personalities you have mapped, and briefly describe what he/she experiences. You can draw inspiration from your empathy map.
2 – Using the empathy map and your experience with other kids, take a moment to describe how your current personality, solves the problem, before our solution.
3 – Describe the pains of their current solution, and describe what would be better, [without thinking of our product].
That is the second part. It is also a why, but it is a why focused on the person we think we can help. We should repeat this for each personality.

Example mac:

  • Music (title, general)
  • An elevated music experience (tagline)
  • The songs you had in iTunes are now in the Apple Music app. Look in your library to find the music you purchased from the iTunesStore or saved from Apple Music — organized by artists, albums, and songs. (how this works for you)
  • Explore new artists and genres (second title, most simple usecase for user)
  • For You to see personalized recommendations from Apple Music. When you hear a song you love, click to add it to yourlibrary, or buy it from the iTunes Store (what you need to do)

Other mac example:

  • Podcasts (title, general)
  • Explore, listen, follow (tagline)
  • Your podcasts have a new home in Apple Podcasts. In Listen Now, catch up on favorite podcasts, or explore suggested shows. (how this works for you)
  • A more powerful search (second title)
  • Click to start listening, and click to save an episode to your library.Now search by title, topic, guest, and host. For example, when you search for a person, youʼll see shows they host or have been aguest on, and even where they were the subject.

Family Signs; Communicatie is niet vanzelfsprekend, de wens je familie beter te willen begrijpen, wel (title, tagline)

Family Signs; Meer begrip en plezier in communicatie, met de familieleden die je wilt snappen (title, tagline)

Family Signs; Iedereen wil begrepen worden, maar elk familielid is dat wel waard (title, tagline)

  • Maak boodschappen door simpele bewegingen met je telefoon
  • Laat mini.ai je helpen met helderheid, context & effectiviteit van je berichten
  • Maak geheime familie signalen, die alleen voor jouw gezin werken
  • Gebruik Family Signs om elkaar beter, te begrijpen en samenwerken
  • Maak geheime familie signalen, die alleen voor jouw gezin werken
  • Communiceer met je familie op jullie eigen manier, offline en digitaal
  • Maak je eigen geheimtaal voor boodschappen aan familieleden
  • Gebaren en taps worden vertaald in berichten met behulp van mini.ai
  • Werk beter samen als gezin, ondersteund door een systeem gebouwd voor privacy